Comprehensive Dental Care

Dr. Gelb practices preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, emphasizing minimally invasive procedures. He partners with patients to establish their long-term health goals focused on prevention and long lasting care. He and his staff value open communication and spend time educating their patients about their oral health care which not only affects the teeth and gums, but overall health as well.

Dr. Gelb's office embraces advanced technology and training to provide patients with our vision of excellence.  Some current technologies include using digital cameras, digital X-rays, and chair-side monitors to show findings and make suggestions. Digital images help Dr. Gelb diagnose patients oral condition and explain recommendations for treatment much faster than traditional methods. If a patient is seeking a smile makeover or needs more extensive treatment, Dr. Gelb shows personalized examples of suggested treatments.

The practice is dedicated to creating a rewarding dental experience for all of Dr. Gelb's patients, whether they come in for a checkup or extensive dental treatment.